API Integrations

Connect core systems with Legentic APIs to get direct insights from open-source data in key processes.
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What are API Integrations

The Investigate API offers seamless integration of Legentic data into users' processes, mirroring the behavior of the Investigate module in the user interface. It allows users to conduct searches solely based on hard identifiers, such as license plate numbers, VIN numbers, and phone numbers. The API returns any relevant documents associated with the provided identifier and delivers the data in a JSON format for easy integration into customers' systems.

How API Integrations help you

  • Efficient integration:  Save time by only displaying the relevant hits to your employees. With several results or relevant indicators on Legentic data.
  • API dashboard: You are in control of usage and API keys. You can connect as many systems as you prefer to the API's.
  • Upload cases: Connect "hot" cases to Legentic to enable investigators to get notified of new results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to the API?
When you have access to the platform you can contact us to increase your subscription with API integrations. Then you will be able to generate an API key and connect the API to your system.
What are the monthly limits?
Per subscription tier we have set different number of requests. Please take a look at our pricing page.
To what processes can we connect the API's?

This depends on the use-case and it makes sense to take a closer look to our solutions pages to determine what suits your situation best.

What is the Onboarding procedure?
After your payment you will receive an email to activate your account to the Legentic Platform. When you have chosen for multiple users you can add other users to your subscription yourself.
Do you have help pages?
On help.legentic.com you can find additional information and explanation on the Legentic Platform. Feel free to get an overview before you purchase your subscription.
Can I cancel at any time?
Dependent on your choice you can cancel your subscription on quarterly or monthly basis. This is automatically handled when you stop your payments.