Facebook Marketplace

Get access to Facebook Marketplace ads directly through the Legentic Platform.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a global marketplace where Facebook users can offer goods for sale. The location of the person offering the goods for sale determines what marketplace Facebook puts the advert. Communication occurs through Facebook Messenger; therefore, only the nickname is relevant for person-related searches. Within Legentic, we offer Facebook Marketplace integration based on your activated countries. 

Facebook Marketplace benefits

Facebook Marketplace is an increasingly large player globally in the classified ads space. Because this is a premium source, all ads delivered from Facebook Marketplace will have a tag indicating that they are pulled from it. Making it easier to recognize them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We frequently get these questions. Perhaps they can already help you out.

How do I get Facebook marketplace?

All add ons need to be purchased through the platform in combination with a subscription.

To enable Facebook Marketplace you are required to accept additional terms and conditions. When Facebook Marketplace is enabled no additional actions are necessary. The Facebook results will be visible in Investigate and Locate.

How much does Facebook marketplace cost?

Please refer to our pricing pages for the price. We charge a flat fee for Facebook marketplace for maximal clarity about our price. 

Why central access management?

SSO enables centralized access control, allowing administrators to manage user access and permissions from a single location. This simplifies user provisioning, deprovisioning, and access management processes, ensuring consistent access policies across all integrated applications.

What is the Onboarding procedure?
After your payment you will receive an email to activate your account to the Legentic Platform. When you have chosen for multiple users you can add other users to your subscription yourself.
Do you have help pages?
On help.legentic.com you can find additional information and explanation on the Legentic Platform. Feel free to get an overview before you purchase your subscription.
Can I cancel at any time?
Dependent on your choice you can cancel your subscription on quarterly or monthly basis. This is automatically handled when you stop your payments.