We are experts, developers, thought leaders, analysts, and problem-solvers devoted to fighting fraud and financial crime. Our mission is to uncover 100 cases every single day.

The Legentic story


Mohawk changes name to Legentic - Merging 3 companies, we chose to create a new identity to symbolize our new beginning


Acquire Brightmaven - After acquiring the Dutch technology company Brightmaven, specializing in tracing, tracking and recovering goods, we continously develop and exploit synergies between the technologies.


Expansion into the US market - Mohawk was launched in the US market with great success and we got the first clients among the major insurance companies in the world.


Acquire Futusome - We acquired the Finnish company Futusome, with it's strong technology department.


Strengthening our team and markets - We expanded into the Canadian market and strengthened our sales and marketing team.


Expansion - The company hired the first employee and expanded into the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.


Startup - The company was founded in Oslo, Norway and initially launched the software in the Nordic markets.

The Legentic way

It’s a jungle out there. A densely grown forest of financial crime. And as the nature of fraud is continually evolving, it is Legentic’s task to be in the forefront.

As a trusted technology partner, we are serving our customers with the unique analytics required to combat financial crime.

We are doing so by collecting big data from multiple sources all over the world, enriched through AI and machine learning, and converted into easily accessible, understandable – and actionable information.

The needle in the haystack is now to be found.
As are the financial predators.

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