The technology to uncover the truth in fraud and financial crime

Together we create a bigger dent in the world of financial crime and fraud using open-source data and technology.

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some just use Legentic.

  • 7 out of the 10 Insurers in BeneLux
  • 2 out of the Top 3 Finance and Insurance in France
  • 3 out of the Top 5 Finance and Insurance in Germany

People perceive insurance and financial fraud as a fast way to make money.

This is not only unethical but also drives up premium costs for every person. At Legentic, we are dedicated to combating insurance fraud and financial crime using data and technology.

The goal: Keeping insurance and financial products affordable and accessible to all.

- Espen Fjeldberg - CEO at Legentic

Our solutions

Legentic Data

The Data and Tools to support you in uncovering the truth

Unlike other databases, Legentic offers access to billions of historical open-source data points from all across the globe.

How is it different:

  • Over 8 billion open-source documents

  • Track behavior with historical and real-time data 

  • Collected from over +22 countries

  • Adding 950k documents daily

  • Not publicly available data

How to access Legentic data

Legentic Platform

Using open-source data through different modules, the Legentic Platform helps you uncover the truth in insurance fraud and financial crime.


  • Investigate

  • Evidence

Legentic Automation

Don't waste your time on no-hits. Boost your STP, integrate the Legentic data into your work environment, and grow your true positives with confidence.

Suitable for:

  • Insurance

  • Finance

  • Law enforcement

How to locate stolen objects

Legentic Sjerlok

Enriched with data and telematics backed by industry experts, Legentic Sjerlok is the only fully automated platform that helps you locate stolen, embezzled, and lost assets.

Suitable for:

  • Insurance

  • Finance

  • Lease and Rental

Legentic fraud-fighting in numbers

  • 8+

    Billion Open-Source Data in Legentic Platform

  • 947

    Vehicles recovered with Legentic Sjerlok

  • 165

    Financial & Insurance companies working with Legentic

  • 30%

    Average hit rate

At yourCompany we are using the Legentic on a daily basis. With Legentic we can support and even initiate several screenings and investigations for our customers. It’s simple to use and easy to document important information.»

- Morten Teglhus Gottschalck, Security consultant, yourCompany

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