Legentic Sjerlok

The only fully automated platform to help you locate stolen, embezzled, and lost assets worldwide.

Locating your assets worldwide

Enriched with data and telematics backed by industry experts, Legentic Sjerlok is the only fully automated platform that helps you locate stolen, embezzled, and lost assets.

By providing just a few pieces of information, Legentic Sjerlok can quickly track down stolen and embezzled assets by:

Search & Match

Dig deep into the global data pool with Legentic to find your asset no matter where it is.

Social media

Criminals are not always smartest. That's why we set public social media alerts.


Used by law enforcement and organizations worldwide. LookUp organizes efforts to locate stolen assets.


Using IoT and Track and Trace features, we can geo-fence and instantly locate your asset.

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Why is Legentic Sjerlok the sidekick for every SIU superhero:

Sjerlok is the software for investigations - a powerful software combined with an expert team of dedicated investigators. Our cutting-edge technology and deep investigative insights guarantee you will get to the bottom of any case quickly, accurately, and reliably.

  • Locate your assets faster than ever before they lose more value.

  • Cross-border embezzlement and theft are no issue with our real-time and historical data from 22 countries.

  • Secure your investment with our guaranteed return on investment (ROI.)

  • Reduce your fraud and theft damage by an average of 19.53%.

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