Uncovering Auto Theft with Data and Technology

Uncovering Auto Theft with Data and Technology

Auto theft is a serious crime that affects both individuals and businesses. According to the American National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB), 268.2 reported cases of auto theft per 100,000 population, the most significant jump in car theft the US has witnessed since the 1990s. As a matter of fact, Forbes estimates that a car is stolen every 36 seconds in the US.  

With the rise of technology, stealing cars has become easier than ever. Fortunately, there are also tools available that can be used to prevent and detect auto theft, and such technologies are picking up popularity fast to keep up with the auto theft trends.

 Let’s explore four of the most effective ways to uncover auto theft using data and technology.

#1 Social media to track stolen cars:

Social media networks are a great way to track down stolen cars. Many criminals post pictures or information about their stolen vehicles on social media profiles, which can then be used by law enforcement to find the perpetrators.

The use of social media can also provide valuable clues about possible suspects or locations where stolen vehicles may have been taken. It’s important to remember that not all criminals will post information about their crimes online. So, where else can one look to locate stolen cars?

#2 Databases to help uncover auto theft:

 A database is essential for fraud detection and prevention because it allows investigators to easily access information about past cases and current trends in auto theft. Databases also allow investigators to compare data across different regions and periods, allowing them to uncover patterns in criminal behavior. This information can then be used to help law enforcement catch offenders faster and more effectively.

Moreover, with auto theft being a cross-border crime in most cases, international databases are essential for investigators to detect instances (or even potential cases) of embezzlement and theft in other countries. With the investigator’s experience in traditional theft and embezzlement routes, the database could be the most robust tech to locate stolen cars.

But sometimes, criminals are smart about their digital footprint and avoid leaving any traces online. What can an investigator do in such a case?

#3 IoT and track & trace technology

In addition to using databases, IoT (Internet of Things) devices can track stolen vehicles in real time. For example, GPS tracking systems can be installed on cars so that owners know exactly where their vehicle is at any given moment.

Additionally, many modern vehicles now include features such as RFID tags that allow them to be tracked remotely via an app or website interface. This helps law enforcement quickly locate stolen vehicles before they can disappear forever.

But what is technology without human experience?

#4 Human role in limiting and uncovering auto theft:

Finally, it’s essential not to forget the human element when uncovering auto theft. Despite technological advances, investigations still rely heavily on good old-fashioned detective work. Many people in SIU departments have the investigative experience to expect the auto thieves’ behaviors and modus operandi. It is the humans behind the screen and on the field that gather evidence that are the real superheroes.

As you can see, uncovering automotive theft requires a combination of data analysis tools and human investigation techniques for police officers and fraud detectives alike to track down criminals who have committed this severe offense effectively.

By utilizing all four methods—social media networks, databases, IoT & Track & Trace technology, and physical evidence gathering—law enforcement professionals are better equipped than ever in their fight against auto-theft crimes!

A tool with all of the above?

Legentic Sjerlok is a platform to locate stolen vehicles and limit auto theft. We use over 8 billion bits of data collected in more than 22 countries to help all the SIU heroes uncover the truth and find stolen assets. We use different methods to help you locate and recover your stolen assets:

  1. Legentic Sjerlok automatically looks at historical data and monitors data sources for the stolen object.

  2. Social media ad alerts on the first notice of loss for a 15 km radius.

  3. IoT and track and trace

  4. Used by law enforcement and organizations worldwide, LookUp organizes efforts to locate stolen assets.

  5. Recovery services through your partners or our vast network of partners worldwide.

  6. A team of experienced investigators is monitoring the web to ensure we don’t miss a chance to find your stolen assets.

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