New employees: Meet Daniela and Gabriel

New employees: Meet Daniela and Gabriel

Legentic have the pleasure of welcoming two new employees to the team. Daniela Pop and Gabriel Girbovan both have the title Business Analyst, which are new positions to the company. We had a chat with the two “newbies” as well as their manager Ron Vermeulen to get to know them better.

Tell me, these are new positions. Why? What is the role and responsibilities of a Business Analyst?

Ron: – I’m so proud that we are investing in this area. As a tech company we are constantly talking about the need to convert data to insights - it’s even our slogan! To “walk the talk” we have to deliver this to ourselves as well - and not just for our customers.

The Business Analysts will be responsible for measuring our own business performance data, and deliver insights and knowledge that support good decision making – for the teams, management and the company as a whole. When we systematically measure our performance and quality, this brings increased value to our customers as well.

So to the “newbies”, tell me about yourself?

Daniela: – I’m 24 years old, from Cluj, Romania and have a master in complex data analysis. Before joining Legentic I worked as a data analyst for Wolter Kluwer Financial Services. My responsibilities were mainly to work out financial reports and portfolio statements.

Gabriel: – I’m 36 years old and have a degree in civil engineering. But I changed my field to data analysis and I’m very happy with that. I come from a position as a business analyst for the insurance company Aegon, where I worked in systems like Oracle BI and developed dashboards and reports to help the management make better decisions based on facts.

Why did you want to join Legentic?

Daniela: – What triggered me the most was that the job requires a combination of hard and soft skills. You need to have a good understanding of data modeling and visualizations, but also soft skills like communication to convey the data and insights in a good, understandable way. Otherwise it won’t lead to any real change.

I also know people that work here, and they’ve bragged about Legentic being a great place to work.

Gabriel: – I saw this position as a great opportunity to learn new things. And the business really intrigues me; investigating fraud, helping our customers fight financial crime. It is both exciting and meaningful.

What do you look forward to the most?

Daniela: – I’m really excited about my new colleagues. They are open minded, and help and support each other. It seems like a really good team. I hope I can come up with creative ideas and bring new insights to the table that lead to good decisions.

Gabriel: – I’m looking forward to meeting my colleagues in real life, and making new friends. It’s kind of hard now, in corona-time … I’m a social guy, and a good report between colleagues is an insurance for good collaboration.

Our core values being caring, collaborative and courageous, this recruitment seems like a perfect match. When not working Daniela enjoys playing chess, table tennis and riding, while Gabriel loves photography and snowboarding as well as music and dancing. We’re sure they’ll be an asset to Legentic – both at work and after hours, when we finally can socialize again.

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