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Who we are

Legentic offers unique products to help locate and retrieve stolen objects. To help combat financial crime. We offer unique data to our customers through various interfaces (web applications, APIs, etc). We are looking to hire a new frontend developer for our Product department to beef up the team.

A day at Legentic

It’s Monday, you decided to work in our office. You start your day with a coffee with your colleagues. You sit at your desk, turn on your company-provided laptop, and start working on creating a great search interface for our product. At 10:40 AM, you show up at the daily standup in which you share an update and you inform your colleagues that you don’t have any impediments. Since the sprint ends on Thursday and one of your teammates is stuck, you decide to help him first till lunchtime. Once the courier has delivered lunch, you have lunch with a colleague and play a table tennis game. After lunch, you continue and finish your work on Search. With one hour left, you decide to start preparing your LegenTech presentation where you share your solution to all techies about the awesome package you implemented last week.


  • Work with our Product Manager (who has more than 10 years of experience in our industry) to implement our vision

  • Align with backend developers

  • Translate Figma designs into frontend components

  • Educate your team members on new features and possibilities that are available

  • Proactively provide solutions for incoming business problems

  • Be a part of an innovative work environment where every input is welcome

  • Contribute to our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) to solve 100 financial crimes a day by 2024

  • Be a part of our 3Cs culture (Collaborating, Courageous, Caring)

As our front-end developer, you’ll also have a chance to learn about the other technologies we frequently use, such as PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and AWS. (Although initially you are not expected to know all of these, you’ll learn about them as you work at Legentic).


As our front-end developer, you’ll be working on our Product’s user interface. Our front-end (preferred) development framework is VueJs (version 3). We have some older components in VueJs 2 and AngularJS that need to be reworked into a robust single version. There’s also an opportunity to put your fingerprints on the future of our product’s look and feel.


  1. At least three years of frontend web development experience

  2. Fluent in a frontend web framework, preferably VueJs (version 3)

  3. Knowledge of an interface design tool, Figma is an advantage


It would be great if you could tick off these boxes as well:

  • BSc or MSc in computer science, design engineering, or similar discipline

  • Knowledge of integrating with APIs

  • Understand how REST API works

  • Experience in working with AWS or other cloud vendors

  • Experience with other UI frameworks is a plus (AngularJS, Angular, React)

Our team

As a member of our team, you will have an interesting and challenging job while learning new skills and growing as an IT specialist in a young and collaborative company culture. You will have colleagues all across Europe and the US.



Our techies are located in Helsinki, Finland; Oslo, Norway, and Cluj, Romania. This time we would prefer that the developer is based in Cluj, Romania or Oslo, Norway. A good cultural fit is the most important attribute of this role.

Because we are all across Europe, we are a remote-first company but we do prefer that people join the local office approximately two days a week.

Company provided computer

We provide you with your preferred work computer. Whether it’s a MacBook or a Lenovo, we got what you need to make your job smoother.

Self-learning and mentoring

Legentic provides a yearly budget for self-learning that the employees can use to invest in picking up new skills or honing existing ones.

You’ll also benefit from a mentor for the first couple of months in the company. Your mentor will help you learn all the aspects of the technology stack but also be your guide while integrating into the company. You’ll also have your own yearly budget for self-learning.


Work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Our team members are courageous, collaborative, and curious. You will have the chance to learn from the best and share your knowledge with them.

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