5 Ways Legentic Mohawk Automation Helps You Uncover Fraud

5 Ways Legentic Mohawk Automation Helps You Uncover Fraud

Legentic Mohawk Automation is the perfect solution for fighting fraud and ensuring that your company's investigators are not spending hours on end trying to sort through false positives. With over 8 billion classifieds data, adding millions daily, from 22+ countries, you'll have all of this information at hand when it comes time to make those important decisions about your policyholders providing truthful claims.

An arsenal of billions of historical and real-time data

What makes our data so special? Before diving into the Legentic Mohawk Automation, it is important to realize the biggest strength of the Legentic Mohawk Super Data. At Legentic, we pride ourselves on over 8 billion historical and real-time data.

The power of Legentic Mohawk’s “Super Data,” isn’t only in the number of the data but also in the multitude of sources the data is collected from, the high quality of our data, and the millions of new datum added daily.

Our Super Data is carefully collected through our AI to help you uncover the truth and make informed decisions based on facts and not just hunchs, helping you boost your Straight-through processing, save time, and enhance your customer experiences. How? Let’s find out.

Fully automated investigation solution that fits all tools

The Legentic Mohawk Automation is the newest addition to Legentic’s tools, allowing you to access our data. Using the Legentic Mohawk Automation, you can automatically process any claim directly through your existing investigation environment without manual work.

Do you have a hunch about a claim in your current investigation environment but don’t want to stop your STP to check it? Legentic Mohawk Automation will flag it for you automatically. Is this plate number coming up often? Let us run the search for you. We’re always there in the background, ensuring your claims' honesty.

Simply put, The Legentic Mohawk Automation gives you the power to investigate every claim in your straight-through process without manually entering any information and disturbing your current work environment. The key (automation) fits all doors (tools.)

Boost your Straight-through processing

In a world where data is king, STP means that an insurer's systems can process transactions automatically and without human intervention. It uses algorithms to make decisions based on the information it has ingested digitally, including predictive models or simple business rules - all for these processes to be completed quickly, so you won’t have any more worries about double checking your STP or stopping the process for lengthy and exhausting manual work.

Save time for your investigators

Investigating a claim is time-consuming and hard. With Legentic Mohawk Portal and Legentic Mohawk Automation, you can cut time scrolling through search engine pages by directly looking into the proper sources that fit your portfolio, whether it’s location, time, or asset type.

Saving time for your investigators and the SIU department will not only help you process claims more efficiently and faster but would also boost your investigators’ morale by limiting the exhausting manual work of searching for a needle in the haystack.

Boost your customer experience

Whether organizations or individuals, your customers want their claims processed the fastest and most efficient way possible. Customers do not know the claim process, wether its false flags, or suspicious historical activities, they want their claim processed as fast as possible.

When you put time into streamlining the process for your investigators and SIU department, it will not only save time for your department but also massively increase your customer experience and satisfaction by processing their claims faster and limiting potential false flags.

Boost your STP today with Legentic Mohawk Automation!

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