Legentic Platform

Legentic Platform

Using open-source data through different modules, the Legentic Platform helps you uncover the truth in insurance fraud and financial crime.

Search less. Uncover more.

Our robust Investigate module offers a streamlined approach to protect your organization from fraud and financial crime. It enables you to delve into historical and real-time data, identifying and preventing fraudulent activity before it impacts your business.

Investigate module:

  • Efficient investigation: Save time by searching relevant data for both soft and hard identifiers.

  • Quality reporting: Easily export data with high-quality images in PDF.

  • Global reach: Cross-border fraud is no longer an issue with the ability to search in multiple countries simultaneously.

  • Proactive prevention: Identify trends in historical digital behavior to take preventative action and reduce risk.

  • Advanced filtering: Don’t get lost in the data; navigate with ease using our advanced filtering features.

Evidence module:

  • Case support: Boost your investigations by gathering and tracking findings.

  • Efficient communication: Streamline team communication by adding comments to your evidence.

  • Detailed records: Store relevant information about your case;VIN, phone number, email, and more, in one place.

Reliable data security

Your data's security is our top priority. We are ISO 27001, 27701 certified, and GDPR compliant, ensuring the utmost protection for your information.

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