Legentic Mohawk Portal

Access Legentic data directly from your browser using Mohawk Portal and access billions of historical data to help you uncover the truth in insurance, finance, and law enforcement.

By your side through the fraud-fighting journey

Protect your organization from fraud and financial crime with Legentic Mohawk's extensive historical data. Our user-friendly platform empowers you to identify and prevent fraudulent activity, ensuring a fair and affordable insurance experience for everyone.

What Legentic Mohawk does for you

  • Detect fraud with multiple search criteria.

  • Focus on reporting and sharing by exporting data with high-quality images in a PDF format.

  • Don't miss a new case update with our alerts and automatic notifications when new data is found.

  • Take preventative action, and reduce your risk by identifying trends in historical digital behavior.

  • Streamline your process with advanced filtering features to quickly locate the most relevant data.

  • Boost your reports, track your findings, and fraud investigations with customizable tags.

How is Legentic Mohawk different from other tools in the market:

  • Don't waste your time setting up the platform. Just log in from your browser.

  • Don't worry about costs per user. We don't limit the number of users per company.

  • Don't worry about fraudsters removing their data. We keep historical data in our database.

  • No such thing as a search limit. We want to help you detect fraud and crime.

  • Aligned with GDPR and international privacy laws.

The superpowers you gain from Legentic Mohawk.

  • Search by name, phone number, license plate, VIN, Email, and more.

  • Export data as PDF with high-quality images.

  • Set up alerts for new data in your search.

  • Look at data trends.

  • Advanced filtering features include date, price, domain, and more.

  • Set up tags to organize your investigation.

Don’t want to do the manual work? Try Legentic Mohawk Automation:

  • Ready to integrate into any working environment.

  • Unlimited number of users per company.

  • Unlimited number of searches per user.

  • Easy-to-use software.

  • Aligned with GDPR and Privacy laws.

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We promise you:

  • Seeing a live demo of the platform with real results.

  • Tailored demo for your business needs.

  • Real-life historical data, results, and use-cases.

Book your live demo and start uncovering the truth in insurance and finance!