Legentic Automation

Legentic Automation

Integrate Legentic data fast and easy into your primary working environment

Truthful claims, faster payments, happier customers.

  • Speed up your straight-through processing and give fraudulent claims the time they deserve.

  • Save time checking non-fraudulent claims with up to 25% more true positives.

  • Don't waste time getting started; we integrate fast into any software.

  • No more scrolling through search engines. Automatically check millions of historical and real-time data.

  • Catch the fraudsters with an up to 50% hit rate on suspicious claims.

Result: Faster claim payment, happier customers, and busted financial criminals.

Automating fraud fighting easily

To start with Legentic Mohawk Automation, you only need to share our endpoints with your IT team. They can easily integrate it into your work environment and start directly from the tool. Check our partners for even faster integration. Not sure? Our Legentechies told us this page would change your IT team’s mind.

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We promise you:

  • Seeing a live demo of the platform with real results

  • Tailored demo for your business needs

  • Real-life historical data, results, and use-cases

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