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We are looking for a Senior Backend Developer in Cluj, Romania. Interested? Apply here.

“Unfortunately” there’s an endless market for our services. In the USA alone, fraud amounts to approximately 80 billion dollars every single year. Our market potential is tremendous, and we're always looking for new talent

- Espen Fjeldberg, CEO

Career in Legentic?

Our Mission: Fight Financial Crime

Legentic develops and provides solutions to detect and prevent fraud and financial crime. “Unfortunately” there’s an endless market for this service; in the USA alone, there’s fraud for approximately 80 billion dollars every single year. Our products Mohawk and Sjerlok both have a tremendous market potential, due to scalable, recurring business models.

This means that we are growing fast - and are always looking for new talent. Among our staff you will find product owners, developers, data analysts and a data team, customer success and sales executives, many with background from leading positions in the world’s largest insurance companies. We also have our team of investigators and “task force” – our own special unit working to locate and recover stolen objects.

Global Presence – United Culture

As an employee of Legentic, you’ll be part of an organization with a great working environment and a very high level of technological and commercial competence. Our global mindset has resulted in well established relationships and networks across national borders. We have offices in Porsgrunn and Oslo, Norway, Helsinki, Finland, Cluj, Romania and Amsterdam, Netherlands. But in these times of remote working, we have employees spread all across Europe and currently recruiting in the US as well.

To build one united culture, our core values – Collaborative, Courageous and Caring – are our guiding star.

The Perks

While our mission is the driving force for our employees, our perks are their day-to-day fuel. All employees are invited to digital yoga-classes twice a week. We regularly meet for pizza, beer and quizzes, and our digital Christmas parties with DJ and dancing are renowned and beloved. But of course, we all look forward to spending more time together, in real life, covid permitting. Every month we have a Powwow - our version of the all hands meeting. Sharing success stories, information, ideas and inspiration.

Our very own Happiness Manager Sonja Baer, makes sure our job satisfaction rate is continually growing. Every month all employees fills out a short questionnaire, to "measure the temperature". Last the overall satisfaction grew from 7.5 to 8.2! Read more.

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